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The men in the study were instructed to wear the device for 6-9 hours each day for 6 months.By wearing this simple medical type 1 device, you can experience the benefits of attaining a 30% increase in your penis length and girth, whilst also lasting longer in bed, thus curing premature ejaculation.

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The objective of the current study is to evaluate the efficacy of a novel, class I (ie. lowest risk, clinical studies not required) medical penile traction device in preventing loss of penile length in men undergoing robotic-assisted prostatectomy.

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This preliminary step will increase the comfort of using the traction device even further.The following steps will help you use the device in the correct way: Before applying the device, you need to ensure that your penis is sufficiently warmed to receive the device.

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Among all of the different products marketed to increase the size of the penis, none has proven more effective than a traction device.

If your penis is not in the device, the spring pistons are fully extended and waiting for use.Get a safe and easy to use penis stretcher. supplemental or combination to other traction device routine and use as an Anti-turtle device.

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It can be worn over your trousers but loose pants or shorts is preferred to help conceal the device better.The device attaches at the base of the penis and again underneath the glans.Common estimates on the prevalence of the condition range between 1% and 5% of men above the age of 50.If traction device is not enough, and a surgical procedure is not an option, penile exercises like stretching and jelqing can help along with using the traction device as a routine for correcting the curvature of the penis.

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This gives you the advantage to have a trial of this product and get your money back if it fails to work.

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The device can provide traction during the normal activities of the day like sitting, standing or walking.Traction can be done in different ways and you can work on it by using penis enlargement devices like pumps, extenders, and jelqing device.

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