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While I was trying to figure out the cause of the light, I noticed that the engine was doing 2400 rpm at 65mph, is this normal.I just got the car and used to drive a 2001 F-150 v8 5.5l. So the difference in sound is huge, like im running the engine too hard.Fortunately, conversion of mph to rpm can be accomplished by using a few simple mathematical calculations.Therefore I agree that even at high rpms there is a residual advantage to a Prius over a similar Otto-engined Corolla.

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I only ask because I had a bad experience with my first car, a 3.8L V6 1992 Mercury sable, i blew the tranny doing 80 mph for 3 hours from orlando. i know the speedometer reading up to only 85 mph might have had soemthing to do with this.

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It turns 3500 rpms at 70 mph and around 3,000 rpms at 60 mph.

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If I had the 4 speed auto, the rpm would be about 2200 at 60 mph.

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I asked my friend what he was getting in his nearly new truck. (probably a 2015) and he said at those speeds. about 15. he did not.The Yukon, an 04 with the 5.3 engine, runs at 2K rpm at 70 mph while the Tahoe, an 02 with the 4.8 engine, runs at 1800 rpm at 70 mph.

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The manual is geared tighter, so it will run more RPM at any given speed.

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At 60 mph, that gives you 840 rpm, 1,120 rpm at 80 mph, and 1,400 rpm at 100 mph.RPM at 70 mph, 1997 E300 I drove another 1997 E300 that I am considering.

Below is a chart listing engine RPM at 60 MPH with various gear ratios and tires sizes, and a total gear reduction chart.

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I have 1999 explorer sport 4wd 4.0 SOHC with 100k miles. when i drive on highway at 70 mph. my RPM stays at 2700 rpm. and at 80mph it stays at 3000.So I was at the gym today and wasnt paying attention to the bike I was riding.The truck will easily run 80 mph but has a sweet spot at 70 mph.

When I drive over 65 MPH, the RPM will increase along with the speed.

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The preferred walking speed is the speed at which humans or animals choose to walk.

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On the highway, I always wish I had another gear (or three) to shift up into.I just recently purchased a Yukon XL for my wife and noticed the RPM was higher at 70 mph than the RPM in my Tahoe.

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This work can be performed through an access panel in the left front wheel well, and does not require dropping the transmission.

I am trying to track calories burned and I dont recal how many MPH I was going but I was going at an RPM of 71-75.As the earlier poster notes, the sweet spot for mileage is usually 50-60 mph, but interstate speeds are more like 70-80 mph.

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For those who are curious about the calculations, here are the gory details of the speed versus engine RPM calculations: Each revolution of the engine is reduced by the transmission gear ratio, each revolution of the output shaft of the transmission is reduced by the rear-end ratio, and each revolution of the tire makes the car move a distance.